What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential through Personal and Educational Development!

Young Minds
Personal Development

Empowering youth to take control of their lives, make positive changes, and become the best version of themselves.

Literacy Development

We help youth with the fundamental building blocks for a successful educational journey. Our partnership with WordSmart unlocks this.

Technological Development

NYM helps to build the future of a robust and functional economy. Taking a group of students to Space X in America is one example.

Wallace Watkins Books

Wallace Books

Proceeds of the Wallace Books go to the N.Y.M. Foundation to help kids with Dyslexia.

WordSmart Buy One Give One

One of our overarching values is to ensure that all students, regardless of their socio-economic status, have access to WordSmart/Prolexia’s program. The benefits include early screening for dyslexia, remediation informed by leading-edge research, and proven methods to cultivate a positive mindset for success. Helping students uncover their passions motivates them to become fluent, confident readers and writers. Consequently, the foundation is informing all parents that a paid subscription will also grant access to the WordSmart/Prolexia programme for students whose parents apply for assistance.

NYM Program

Space X

The Nurturing Young Minds Programme utilizes the knowledge and experience of practicing teachers, whose intuitive solutions to classroom learning and behaviour problems have achieved great results. These solutions offer a model which gives teachers a way to assess needs and deliver effective solutions to help students with their unique learning and behaviour problems. They are consistent with current research and can also result in changing students’ self-limiting beliefs.

It is the aim of the NYM programme to use the latest neuroscience research, regarding executive functions of the brain, to dramatically improve children’s ability to participate in the school curriculum by engaging them through the medium of specifically designed children’s video games.

NYM includes special contributions from research work done by one of New Zealand’s leading neuroscientists, Dr. Kerry Spackman, who specialises in performance optimisation for Olympic sports men and women.

We provide a framework, based on current research, in which to view the student – which leads to an intervention along with suggested activities either with a whole class or with individual students.

The content incorporates exercises from martial arts, drama games, counselling, neuroscience and psycho-therapy, and teacher development courses. The games are designed to be fun, interactive and engaging. They involve a combination of written classroom based activities, physical outdoor exercises and drama games (where a larger space is available).